Our Management Team

Joel Miner – President/Owner

Joel, a third generation owner, has been with Miner Electronics since 1983. Shortly after his father, Jack Miner built the facility we now occupy in Munster, Indiana, Joel and his sister (Janet) took over ownership of Miner Electronics. In 1995, Joel and Janet recruited Bill Dow from Motorola to be the General Manager and part owner with them. They were partners until Janet’s death in 2003. Bill Dow is now Executive Director of the USMSS organization, and Joel is the sole partner still managing the operation.

Bob Gonsiorowski – Vice President/CFO

Bob started at Miner in 1993 as a Communications Consultant working in Northwest Indiana with our Commercial Customers. Over the next 7 years, he handled many different territories serving the Commercial, as well as Public Safety markets. In 2001, Bob became the Sales Manager and continued to handle key customer opportunities in Public Safety. In January of 2013, Bob was promoted to Vice President of Distribution with duties managing the Sales and Administrative teams at Miner Electronics.

Jim McCarty – Service Manager

Jim began his career at Miner Electronics in October of 1985. As a field technician, he installed and managed many wide-area RF networks. He has an ETA Certification as an Electronics Technician as well as special certifications in R56 grounding techniques, P25 radio systems, dispatch consoles, DMR Digital Radio systems and project management techniques. Since 2010, Jim has been the Service Manager responsible for 8 field technicians. His department is responsible for installing all communications infrastructure, managing all of our service contracts, and managing our rental stock and wide-are communications trunking networks.

Matt Shannon – Installation Manager/Pre-sale Design Technician

Matt has been with Miner Electronics since 1988. He has served as a field technician for most of his career. In 2010, he joined our Pre-sale design staff, assisting the Sales Department with system design mostly associated with wide-area radio networks and 911 Dispatch Centers. Matt is an ETA Certified Electronics Technician with special certifications for 911 Telephony, Dispatch Consoles, and Wide-area RF Communications systems. In 2012, Matt took on the additional responsibility of managing our Fleet Installation Department. The 5 employees under his guidance install hundreds of radios in vehicles, and custom design and build squad cars for police agencies in Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois.

Bob Roe – Technical Services Manager

Bob Roe began his career at Miner Electronics in the early 1970s. As a field technician, he spent many years fixing portable and mobile radios for customers. As communications systems became more complex, he helped install dozens of wide-area communications systems in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. He is an ETA Certified Electronics Technician with special certification in Networking, Wireless Networking, and Wide-area RF Networks. In 1997, Bob became the Technical Services Manager, mainly responsible for the pre-sale design of all Wide-area RF and Wireless Networking systems. He also serves as Project Manager for most of our large system deployments.